Coordinator: A DAG-like asynchronous operation processor for node.js for when you need sequences of operations to either all succeed or fail if any fails. Easily add operational “stages”, with or without prerequisites, rollback rules, and result transformations. Allows repeated executions, as many times as needed.

pthreader: A lightweight C++ class for executing arbitrary code in parallel using pthreads, requiring only a definition of (a) setup, (b) evaluation, and (c) cleanup for each thread. Setup and cleanup once, but evaluate as many times as needed. Extends the condition variable mutual exclusion method from Divakar Viswanath’s book.

statesampler: A simple node.js server for state-dependent sampling of data for custom javascript surveys, such as in Qualtrics. For when you need to sample data for custom questions, but your sampling strategy is not iid. Includes node server and systemd service setup.

idlogit (in progress): A python package for estimating (binary outcome) “Idiosyncratic Deviations Logit” models using ECOS. idLogit models are Logit models for heterogeneous observations with a non-parametric portrait of response heterogeneity and a convex maximum likelihood estimation problem.